Friday, 03. February 2017

ISPO honors the upcoming season's best sports products

  • Hybrid designs, sustainability, wearables
  • ISPO AWARD exhibit and award ceremony at ISPO MUNICH 2017

The ISPO AWARD winners for 2017/2018 have been selected. At the end of January, nearly 50 international judges viewed more than 500 entries and named the best products in the categories ACTION, OUTDOOR, SKI, PERFORMANCE and HEALTH&FITNESS. In addition, three particularly sustainable products were also honored. The range of hybrid designs with a focus on optimum comfort and function is particularly strong in the apparel sector. "Smart" technology is making its way into all sectors and allows users to achieve their best training results. The upcoming season's winners will be on display in Hall B1 at ISPO MUNICH. The award ceremony will be held during ISPO MUNICH (February 5 to 8).

The ISPO AWARD is ISPO's quality seal for outstanding new products. It is broken down into five segments and subordinate categories that reflect the sporting goods market. For the 2017/2018 season, the best innovation in each segment was selected as PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. GOLD WINNERS represent the most convincing new developments in their respective categories.

A separate ECO jury honored three concepts that were deemed particularly sustainable, i.e. the Deterra Hood Anorak from Tierra Products, environmentally compatible ski waxes from Nzero and the environmentally friendly Tankr snowshoe from Fimbulvetr.
Those who are interested can familiarize themselves with the winners in Hall B1 at ISPO MUNICH.

Five PRODUCT OF THE YEAR winners at a glance:

ACTION segment—Korua Shapes, Tugboat

Innovative snowboard
Korua Shapes is a new brand whose snowboards are known for their unusual shapes, and the innovative Tugboat has a bold and convincing design: The broad nose provides extreme lift in deep powder, and the tapered shape and 3D base provide plenty of pressure through the edge. A channel along the bottom of the board guarantees stability at high speeds. The Tugboat was designed for carving, even on snow that is packed solid.

OUTDOOR segment—Scarpa, Ribelle Tech

All-year, all-round mountain book
Ribelle Tech from Scarpa is a new category of boot that ensures optimum functionality for professional alpinists and outdoor enthusiasts. The all-year, all-round mountain boot combines extreme comfort, light weight and durability. Ribelle Tech is ideal for any conceivable use on the mountain, from trekking to mountain climbing.

SKI segment—Bootdoc, BD Vandra 3D scanner

Foot scanner for sound product recommendations
The new Vandra 3D foot scanner provides a three-dimensional image of the customer's foot. It provides various measurement data including instep height, ankle circumference, foot length and width and takes skill levels into account. Based on the data, the scanner recommends ski boots and inlay soles within seconds.

PERFORMANCE segment—On, Cloudflash

Innovative running shoe
The Cloudflash's sole consists of 14 strong cloud elements that provide traction. The speed board made of energy-transmitting Pebax charges itself with impact energy and releases it again when pushing off. The innovative hybrid inlay provides extra comfort and the performance heel conforms to the foot perfectly. The Cloudflash is made for speed.

FITNESS&HEALTH segment— Bowflex, SelectTech 560 Dumbbells

Smart dumbbells
The Bowflex SelectTech 560 is the first smart dumbbell with a 3DT sensor and corresponding app. It is the only home fitness product with a "brain" that guides the athlete through the workout like a personal trainer, counts repetitions and sets keeps track of calories burned and provides feedback on shape.

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