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ISPO BEIJING 2014 has every reason for Asia-Pacific Celebrations

  • The most powerful sports business platform in Asia
  • Show once again breaks its own records
  • ISPO ACADEMY conference programme drawing packed audiences

In the ten year's since ISPO first opened the doors to sports business connection in Asia, with the first trade show of its kind, the market has evolved at an exceptional pace. Matching this energy, rather than keeping pace, has meant that ISPO now stands at the forefront of sports initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO Messe München GmbH, said: ‘In terms of ISPO BEIJING, this week has proven that a successful B2B platform has to be as commercially aware and forward thinking as the modern consumer. Like Beijing itself, ISPO BEIJING has evolved and created an outstanding sporting legacy, one which perfectly reflects the fusion of eastern and western talents as well as classical tradition and ultra modern creativity.’

ISPO BEIJING opened its doors to more visitors than ever recorded before: close to 30.000 industry professionals came to Beijing, a growth of eight percent compared to last year. From day one at ISPO BEIJING 2014, it was clear that there was an increased presence, as more and more sports business professionals have become attuned to the power that ISPO can bring in terms of market awareness. Not only in buying terms, but for trend spotting and even staff training through keynote presentations at ISPO ACADEMY for example.

Also, this success is well highlighted by the increase in exhibitor attendance, with 637 brands (previous year: 567) in outdoor, action sports, ski and sport style from 22 countries taking part. This has included new attendance from premium brands such as Coleman, GoPro, Millet, Odlo, Peak Performance and Primaloft. This is a huge amount of progress for a show which originally opened in Shanghai with just 153 brands.

‘Without a doubt the main energy for the success of ISPO BEIJING has been the continuing market dynamics as well as the increasing professionalism of the Chinese sports market. ISPO BEIJING, together with Alpitec China, offers a 360° coverage of the whole sports business. And, therefore it is the ideal platform to get a wide range of information on all the latest product news from apparel and equipment to infrastructure at one time in one place.’ Klaus Dittrich explained further on. With view to the Olympic backdrop of Beijing, this evolution has enabled both domestic and global brands to achieve equal recognition, particularly in the last three years. ISPO services have further enhanced this such as the department store tour, which guides key retail professionals through brand introductions and the retail tour which has enabled brands to experience the China high street initiatives. Future identification has been high on the agenda, with the ISPO ACADEMY conference programme drawing packed audiences of professionals to presentations, including those from international force WGSN, who provided a glimpse on the emerging themes expected to dominate the market. As new and rapidly developing service, ISPO ACADEMY has seen some of its greatest success in China, where the next event in June 2014 will take place in Shanghai examining some of the critical topics facing the modern Asia-Pacific retailer, notably the focus on multi brand channels.

One of the most rapidly evolving topics, which ISPO has also helped to facilitate is that of digital engagement and ISPO BEIJING is proving the connection hub for this, notably with a new website launch and the introduction of Open Innovation resources for its global customers. Peer to peer discussion and promotion using social media is fast becoming the way to talk and direct sports business in Asia, with exhibitors such as Burton recognising the value of online involvement and amongst those actively looking at the vital way to further develop brand loyalty.

ISPO BEIJING opened its doors right after the Chinese New Year celebrations. 2014 is the year of the horse and as such brings with it energy, intelligence, great communication and the introduction of bright ventures and initiatives.

A perfect backdrop for ISPO to both hold a highly successful 10th anniversary event and confirm ISPO BEIJING as the front runner for Asian sports business, as well as the right time to announce that ISPO is looking to open a second show in Asia in the summer of 2015 to match market expectations.


Mr. Kafir Chen, Amer Sports, Outdoor Sports General Manager (China)
We have participated in ISPO MUNICH in Germany several times, but it’s our first time at ISPO BEIJING. This is a good chance for more people in the industry to get to know our brands. ISPO BEJING is very important for the outdoor industry in China. Many people come here to find out about the trends, changes and new brands in the industry.

Mr. Jeffrey White, Blue Ice Adventure Equipment, Brand Founder
We are glad to be here. We are seeing a lot of new brands this year, and a lot of up and coming Chinese brands. ISPO BEIJING brings more people into the outdoor market. It’s a chance for us to connect with existing customers and reinforce relationships. ISPO BEIJING is getting better every year.

Mr. Israel Maynard, Burton Snowboard, Managing Director
Happy to be here; this is my second time at ISPO BEIJING. The show has been very different from last year and the quality of attendees is much better. This year, ISPO BEIJING has attracted more outdoor retailers, department stores, more trade groups and tours. This allows us to have direct contact with those operators in China.

Mr. Hong Qinming, Camkids Group plc, Executive Director
This is our first exhibit at ISPO BEIJING, and our first participation in a trade show. We gained a lot here. The organizer provided us with strong support and we had many visitors. We think that the exhibitors here are more professional than at other similar shows. The trade show also has more global influence. This is why we choose ISPO BEIJING as a priority platform for our trade show exhibit.

Mr. Richard L.Guilfoile, Coleman Japan, President - Asia Pacific Region
For us it is important to make our products more visible to consumers. And to do so, we need to work with more retail customers. And the many retailer groups coming to the ISPO BEIJING are looking for the kind of experience that we can share, so this is our primary target. We are planning to be here in China for another hundred years helping Chinese families have fun in the outdoors, and ISPO BEIJING is a direct way to connect to our Chinese customers.

Mr. Xiao Xiaosong, Gorising, Vice President
We are very familiar with ISPO and have visited ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BEIJING before as visitors. However, this is our first time attending ISPO BEIJING as an exhibitor. The trade show is very successful and the efficiency of organization and professional is great. The visitors here are very professional as well, we are happy to see that customers with high expectations visit the show. We have been really busy during the trade show since there are too many visitors. And we are extremely happy that they are interested in our products. We are very satisfied with this effect.

Mr. Wayne Gregory, Gregory, Founder
This is my second time here at ISPO BEIJING. It is an opportunity for us to show our products to the world. This show is very important for us and we are here to support our Chinese and Asian customers. Every minute that I spend here is very exciting. There are plenty of concurrent events and all of them are very interesting, which may attract more customers to join in the outdoor industry.

Mr. Nicolas Warchalowski, Haglöfs, CEO
This is our third time here, and we have found very strong partners at previous ISPO BEIJING shows. It is great to see our brand become popular in China and more recognition for ISPO BEIJING. ISPO BEIJING is getting better known in China, though the key outdoor participants have known it for a long time. We see a lot of competitors around us here at the show. We welcome this; as ISPO BEIJING brings us a friendly outdoor industry.

Mr. Randy Verniers, Jarden Technical Apparel, Director International Sales
This is our second year at ISPO BEIJING. It looks like we are 30% busier at this year’s show. We’ve been extremely happy with the visitor traffic and retailers coming by our booth. We are really excited about the growth. It is interesting to come to China; we are ISPO MUNICH exhibitors, and there are a lot of different brands here in ISPO BEIJING than at other places.

Ms. Zhou Yue, Nanjing B.C. Sports Products, Lowa & Leki Brand Business Department Director
LOWA has always been close to ISPO BEIJING since its market entry in China. In the past two years we have seen more brands join ISPO BEIJING. This year we observed a lot of channels like department stores and specialized stores, as well as the media. They offer us plenty of opportunities for communication and exposure to a wider range of people. ISPO BEIJING has established itself as an advanced, mature platform and is able to provide us with abundant information from professional brands and opportunities to promote our products.

Mr. Matthias Preussel, Mammut, Head of Sales Division Far East
We just started our subsidiary last year, that’s why this is only our second time. But we are looking for a very long-term relationship with ISPO BEIJING. There are more people and exhibitors this year. ISPO BEIJING gets more and more westernized, I believe there are more western visitors than last year. Over all there is significant growth.

Mr. Cao Jun, Maya Travel Gear Co., Ltd., Marketing Director
I think ISPO BEIJING plays a symbolic role to the outdoor industry in China. Every year, there are many famous brands presenting their latest products here and exchanging trend information in the sports and outdoor industry. No matter whether manufacturer, distributor, amateur or consumer, ISPO BEIJING has a strong impact on them as an industry leader. It helps us to better understand the international outdoor trends and information.

Mr. Zhu Gang, Nanjing B.C. Sports Products, Operation Director for Northland Brand Business Department
As the outdoor industry and the general economy develop, ISPO BEIJING has matured and boasts more influence. The quality of visitors is better every year. We want to meet more brands, retailers, channels, the media and professional visitors. ISPO BEIJING is just the place to be. We definitely get to see more professionals from the industry here.

Mr. Nicholas Huang, Oakley China, General Manager
This is our second time attending ISPO BEIJING. There are more new brands at this year’s event. Many new outdoor brands have appeared as well as professional outdoor equipment suppliers. ISPO BEIJING will allow our customers to directly access and experience our products.

Mr. Claes Broqvist, Odlo, Director Sales International
ISPO BEIJING is a great show. It is a very famous and impactful show in Asia; that’s why we come here. The quality as well as quantity of the visitors here is very good. There are also many competitors here, some are local, and some are international. We are able to meet them here, hear from them and learn from them. This will be a good opportunity for us to improve ourselves.

Mr. Martin Netinder, Peak Performance, Sales Director – Emerging Markets
This is our first time at ISPO BEIJING and we enjoy it very much. Our purpose is to showcase the brand and present our products to the Asian audience. This show provides us with a good opportunity to achieve these goals. We are pleased with the number of visitors, and we want to continue with ISPO BEIJING as part of a long-term strategy.

Ms. Shi Minqin, Snowfavor Trade, Vice General Manager
We have exhibited at ISPO BEIJING since its beginning and have always supported it. Compared to prior shows, ISPO BEIJING now features more brands and more visitors. In consequence, we find more target customers here. ISPO BEJING plays an important role in the promotion of our brands. We hope to exhibit our latest products with the help of such a platform. Our distributors and customers also come to the exhibition to find out about our products and order goods for the next season. In addition, we can attract new agents at the trade show. So ISPO BEIJING means a lot to us.

Mr. Barry Lin, Sea to Summit China, Sales Manager
The range of industry costumers is much wider at this year’s ISPO BEIJING. In previous shows, the audience usually came from the outdoor industry and market store industry, but this year’s customer group has clearly been diversified. At this year’s event, many visitors are from department stores, the e-commerce and gift product industry. I think the number of visiting clients is increasing considerably.

Mr. George Brown, VASQUE, Director of Pacific Rim Sales
We have been with ISPO every year since it started. ISPO BEIJING is getting bigger and bigger. We can meet all customers here and see all our main dealers during the show. It’s great for us to be here.

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