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The increasing significance of health and fitness opens up many opportunities for the sports industry. ISPO MUNICH presents everything revolving around “Healthy Nutrition” and “Mobile Health & Fitness” concentrated in one exhibit hall from January 24 to 27, 2016. Health & Fitness has a lot of innovations to offer, particularly for trainers, sports instructors, physical therapists, medical and human resources professionals.

Health & Fitness is a strongly expanding growth market. 70 percent of the current German workforce considers life stressful; every fifth worker suffers from permanent stress. Chronic stress can have a negative impact on health. The desire to be healthy has an increasing influence on personal lifestyles. Depending on individual preferences there is a wide variety of sports and nutrition concepts to choose from. Mobile services make the integration of suitable exercise programs and nutritional recipes into the every day possible. The rapid development of wearable technologies, hi-tech wearable mini computers that measure and evaluate fitness data emphasize this social change. The significance of optimized nutrition, increased exercise and wellness to maintain health and fitness has become a trend in our modern society.

Increased Quality of Life with Wearables
The growth of this segment is evident in the relocation of the segment into hall B4, the new home of Health & Fitness. This area will provide exhibitors and interested visitors considerably more exhibit space beginning with the 2016 show. The Health & Fitness 2016 Hall sets new standards with its focus on “Healthy Nutrition” and “Mobile Health & Fitness”. The image transfer of sports, sporting goods and athletes onto individuals and companies is enormous. The next big step consists of the monitoring of all personal activities, number of steps, calories burned, duration of exercise, and even quality of sleep. These data collections via activity tracker or smartphone have long since exceeded the mundane monitoring of heart rate or the logging of covered distances.

Hi-Tech “Wearable” Mini Computers
When we speak of a digital lifestyle, the next phase of this development is facing us right now, evident in the focus on “Mobile Health & Fitness”. The increasingly popular “wearables” in the form of fitness tracking bracelets, smart watches and even data eyewear set new standards for exercise and lifestyle. The hi-tech “wearable” mini computers have become our personal exercise partners. Even though our beloved smartphones are almost never left behind, these wearables are carried close to the body and this opens up new types of applications. The user receives a comprehensive data set consisting of all daily activities, exercise and recuperation periods. This has a positive effect on motivation and turns wearables into competent companions for exercise and daily life. And all of that 24/7!

The new generation of hi-tech mini computers doesn’t just feature good looks, it also alerts users to incoming calls, messages, calendar reminders and social media posts, or even interacts with selected online communities. Ambitious internet users can network even more closely with their desired digital media.

Health Nutrition is a Case of Good Taste
The correct, balanced nutrition is a prerequisite for physical fitness and long-term health in sports and everyday life. Even the ancient Greeks knew: the way to vitality and success is through the stomach! Science has proven that an optimized and individually modified nutrition can result in improved performance. This is of interest to any active person, whether he or she is a professional, hobby or occasional athlete. The increasing number of vegetarians or vegans among athletes is proof for this theory, and more and more endurance athletes, such as ultra runner Scott Jurek, report increased performance and wellbeing after converting to meatless or vegan nutrition. Scientific studies also showed that forgoing meat had a definite positive impact on the reduction of chronic illnesses such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Healthy nutrition is not about sacrifice or pressure, but is all about good taste and common sense.

Successful and Healthy Thanks to Good Nutrition
Optimized basic nutrition creates the prerequisite for physical fitness, athletic success, health and wellness. Therefore “Healthy Nutrition” is the second focus topic of the Health & Fitness Hall at ISPO MUNICH 2016. We are placing the highest importance on health, fitness and wellness. Activity and quality are set principles to achieve the best performance to benefit body and soul. ISPO Health & Fitness 2016 and the focus on classic fitness, healthy nutrition and mobile apps turn health and performance into a personal hands-on experience and foster understanding at the same time.

The inspiring side event program features a plethora of lectures, interviews and product presentations.

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