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ISPO honors the best sports business start-ups

  • Exercise is a game with Overall Winner ICAROS
  • ISPO BRANDNEW Village as showplace for winners

ISPO BRANDNEW is the world’s largest platform for sports business start-ups and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The winners for 2016 have been choses, and will be presented to an international audience at ISPO MUNICH from January 24 to 27, 2016. The international jury selected the Top 50 Newcomers from close to 400 entries—among them this year’s Overall Winner ICAROS. The young German brand combines virtual reality and workouts and shows what exercise equipment for the 21st century should look like.

For the last 15 years ISPO BRANDNEW winners have embodied the enormous innovation potential of the sports industry in a very impressive way. At the end of October companies in business less than four years submitted their entries to the independent and international jury, mainly consisting of former award winners. The jury reviewed and evaluated the entries and selected the most impressive newcomers.

ISPO supports the winner’s market entry with a number of services such an invitation to the ISPO BRANDNEW Village, located in hall B5 at the 2016 show. For the first time, the winners will also be exhibited at ISPO SHANGHAI (July 6 to 8, 2016). This will provide them with even more opportunities in the growing market in Asia.

Many former winners, among them well-known brands like GoPro, Naish Kites, Maloja, POC, Nixon or On benefited from this opportunity to help them with a successful market entry, and have made their impact on today’s market. The coming months will show who among the new crop of ISPO BRANDNEW winners will have the potential to become the next Big Player in the sports business.

Overall Winner: ICAROS, Germany, 2015
Exercise equipment uses virtual worlds to motivate
The exercise and game equipment ICAROS combines workouts with virtual reality. It allows the user to experience digital adventures and play games while competing a comprehensive full-body training. ICAROS wants to revolutionize the way people play sports and games, and has the potential to become the home trainer for the 21st century. The system consists of the ICAROS device, a controller with sensors, a VR headset and an app.

Winner Athleisure: Saysky, Denmark, 2013
Technical sportswear with exceptional design
Athletes designing performance sportswear for other athletes—this is Saysky, headquartered in Copenhagen. The brand’s goal is to provide highly functional and high quality products for running triathlon and endurance training, and at the same time combine sports with lifestyle. Looks are urban, athletic and typical Scandinavian. Inspired by reduction, authenticity and quality the focus is on individuality. The goal is to be different from the run-of-the-mill, interchangeable products available.

Winner Hardware Summer: Tripstix, Germany, 2014
Inflatable SUPs with hardboard features
Tripstix develops high-tech inflatable SUPs. The new “VacuuAir” technology features a system with two chambers. A vacuum chamber filled with granulate encircles the high-pressure chamber providing additional stability. This allows the board to follow the concept of a hardboard—with narrow rails, a clean tip and a stable tail. In addition, the board is extremely safe thanks to the two-chamber system. Even if there is a leak it provides enough buoyancy.

Winner Style: Aztech Mountain, USA, 2013
Sportswear for ambitious men with a sense of style
Founded in 2013 by David Roth and Heifara Rutgers, Aztech Mountain designs performance sportswear for active men. Aztech Mountain embodies functional design. The textiles always surprise with interesting components and offer great wear for use in the city as well as in the mountains. The tailoring fulfills the requirements and demands of the terrain. This exceptional outerwear brand has a unique way of combining form and function.

Winner Accessories: BioLite, USA, 2012
A Stove that boubles as a smartphone charger
The BioLite CampStove generates electricity and works as a charger for LED lamps, cell phones and other electronic devices. The BioLite CampStove burns wood without generating smoke and is the perfect campfire device to prepare food or boil water. BioLite impresses with its simple operation, uses wood as a fuel source and provides efficient performance.

Winner Wheeler: Onewheel, USA, 2014
Board sports innovation for the streets
Onewheel is an electronic board sports innovation. Inspired by the feeling of snowboarding on powder snow Onewheel offers a completely new feeling of riding on or off the streets. The board is driven by a brushless hub motor mounted on a Go-kart tire, and is controlled by the rider balancing on the board. It offers a range of eleven kilometers and can be fully recharged within as little as 20 minutes, which makes Onewheel suitable for use in urban traffic.

Winner Hardware Winter: DMOS Collective, USA, 2015
Snow shovel designed to build kickers
“The Kicker Tool” is a special snow shovel designed to build kickers. If you have ever tried to build your own kicker you know how much work this is using conventional avalanche shovels. The 1.5 kg light Kicker Tool features a massive and robust shovelhead, made of 2.5-mm-thick Aluminum 6061 alloy. The telescoping handle extends up to 142 cm of length and provides an enormous amount of leverage.

Winner Wearables: COBI, Germany, 2014
An innovation for more safety and fun on your bike
COBI, short for “Connected Biking”, transforms bicycles and e-bikes into “smartbikes” by connecting them with the rider’s smartphone. The modular system combines six accessories into one design: dynamic front and rear light, bike navigation, smartphone holder with charging function, bell, alarm and bike computer. The result not just makes cycling safer but turns it into a completely new experience with more than hundred features.

Winner Social Awareness: GORILLA, Germany, 2015
The health initiative for children and adolescents
The health promotion initiative GORILLA promotes children and adolescents to enjoy exercise, good nutrition and enduring competence. The project has been touring Germany since 2015 with the goal to inspire kids to find joy and success in balanced nutrition and freestyle sports. The team currently consists of 15 freestyle professionals and five nutrition consultants. An e-learning model and exercise app further supports the long-term success of the program.

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