Tuesday, 03. February 2015

Recycled Fabrics and Material Mix

Technical materials and elaborate designs with a green conscience

Casual looks with high performance will dominate 2015/16 snowboard fashions. Attractive fabrics show off their capabilities for activities in cold and snowy weather. They are not just extremely functional – more and more manufacturers focus on eco-friendly materials and production methods. Wool plays a major role in addition to recycling products, and is increasingly used in outer layers of apparel instead of just in undergarments.

Material combinations and plenty of details are in trend. A variety of fabrics are combined, not only to catch the eye. Clever combinations lend their characteristics to the pieces. Thee are mixtures of down and fleece, canvas and cord, wool gabardine and cordura, resulting in jackets, pants and accessories. Metal looks, rivets and cozy furs are popular for women’s outfits; while they have a feminine look they are definitely not gaudy.

Recycling plays an important role in the production of technical high quality snowboard fashion. Beer cans, fishing nets and reusable EPS from the automobile industry are only a few of the products that receive new life in textiles. Add to this pure natural materials, like classic wool and more. Manufacturers are willing to experiment. They use, for example, PLA (polylactic acid) sourced from corn as an impact-resistant material for helmets.

Performance is more important than ever before when it comes to snowboard fashions. This starts with the material selection. Stretch fabrics, ideally two-way stretch, provide the outfits not only with a comfortable feeling. Especially freestyle riders need jackets and pants that have to endure even extreme jumps and tricks. Jackets are getting longer to protect backs even in deep powder or during a backflip. Seams are eliminated wherever possible, to reduce any area where moisture could seep into. Cleverly applied body mapping provides every body part with the optimal material, which provides considerable reinforcement for exposed or high-movement areas such as the knees or shoulders. And function is no longer dependent on weight. Manufacturers have developed advanced ways to decrease the weight of jackets and pants, which makes them considerably more comfortable.

Freerider chic and casual looks dominate. The fabrics are soft and touchable. Colors range from earth tones to muted camouflage and subdued shades of smoke. Bright colors are combined with less obtrusive tones, such as orange, pink, anthracite as contrast to black.

Merino wool for undergarments is no longer just a niche product. More and more manufacturers have discovered the high quality sheep’s wool with its excellent odor neutral and heat and moisture regulation capabilities. And fine wool undergarments are no longer just white. Bright colors and cheerful graphics make the base layers suitable for use even without outerwear – for example at the lodge. Minimalist prints to all-over prints, everything is available.

Merino wool is also conquering the outerwear sector. Weaved into durable gabardine, reinforced in strategic areas, turns jackets and pants into suitable outfits.

Gloves, helmets & co. complete the outfit. Protectors have become a must particularly for snowboarding. The new generation of protectors offers wear comfort in combination with safety. Backpacks with integrated back protector are an alternative. New technologies made a combination of abundant air circulation during ascents and optimal protection during the downhill run possible. Avalanche backpacks are getting lighter and are considerably more comfortable to wear.

The adjustable helmet, which was introduced to the market a few years ago, has found friends in the manufacturing sectors, combined with frameless goggles for improved vision. Glove manufacturers continue to work with resilient materials to reinforce stress areas. Anatomically correct cuts and new, tent-like tailoring provides more freedom of movement for the fingers.

For more information on snowboard fashion trends, visit ISPO MUNICH from February 5 to 8, 2015, or go to munich.ispo.com


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