Tuesday, 05. August 2014

Even Closer to Your Customers with the ISPO Business Profile

The leading sports business network ISPO is providing companies with a new, year-round service effective immediately, which uses all the advantages of online business. With the new ISPO Business Profile, companies now have the possibility to present themselves comprehensively online, directly with the users of the ISPO COMMUNITY – and consequently their relevant target group – and even build up a follower community.

Following its successful relaunch, the website of the ISPO COMMUNITY not only has a responsive design, but it also provides a new service: the ISPO Business Profile. Companies can network actively with consumers interested in sports there by taking part in projects, votes and discussions and get opinions and ideas about brands and products as a result. The basic profile is free of charge and can be enhanced with additional upgrades.

Tobias Gröber, Division Manager of Consumer Products at Messe München GmbH, answered the most important questions dealing with all aspects of the new service of ISPO COMMUNITY.

"ISPO COMMUNITY is a year-round, interactive sport community for consumers and companies. This platform provides its users with the possibility to share ideas about topics relevant to sports and vote on them via elections they create themselves. This specifically means that the ISPO COMMUNITY is an online platform, on which retailers, manufacturers and suppliers network with consumers interested in sports. As a result, we enable a completely new form of opinion polling and market research, but also customer loyalty."

What benefits do companies get in using an ISPO Business Profile?
"The dialog with consumers online is playing an increasingly important role too, and we provide the corresponding channels as the leading sports business network. With the ISPO Business Profile, we make it possible for companies to create an individual profile and present themselves optimally to consumers. Via participation in open innovation projects, votes and discussions with users in the community, companies can collect additional feedback, opinions and ideas about brands, products and innovations and build up a fan community. In addition, they can use our online platform to acquire additional range; this also attracts increased attention to their brands. Thanks to the direct connection to consumers, companies obtain direct insight into their needs and desires and consequently can develop their products much more in line with such. That which was a kind of 'black box' for companies is now becoming transparent. In turn, this ensures them increased sales and a loyal customer base, customers who identify with the brand, a fact our experience has borne out."

ISPO is currently developing a few new products. You recently launched the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION and the ISPO COMMUNITY. How do ISPO Business Profiles support this new portfolio?
"The requirements but also the expectations for trade fairs have changed substantially over the past years. Instead of pure order trade fairs, such as we had 20 years ago, the information and contact function of trade fairs is coming increasingly into the forefront. ISPO recognized this and consequently oriented itself consistently as an international full-service partner for sports business at an early stage. For example, we can provide our customers with added value not just on four days, but instead the whole year. Above all, the new ISPO offer takes the growing pressure of competition in the market into consideration, a market in which direct networking with customers is becoming increasingly important. We provide interactive options for customer acquisition and loyalty with our services. The ISPO Business Profiles are a logical further development of the potential, which the Internet makes available. We do not just want to do justice to our pioneering role offline with our leading trade fairs, but also online with our digital services. I believe that the presentation possibilities for companies in our network and the direct connection to consumers create the optimum prerequisite for successful positioning in sports business."

You can obtain additional information about ISPO MUNICH and the ISPO Community at www.ispo.com and www.community.ispo.com as well as at Facebook: www.facebook.com/ispomunich.


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