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TOP 50 Sports Industry Newcomers Selected

  • 50 Winners Selected From 431 Entries
  • Overall Winner onoo from Munich

ISPO BRANDNEW is the world’s largest sports industry newcomer competition. In cooperation with international experts ISPO recently honored 50 winners for the 2015 edition from 431 entries in eight different categories. Overall Winner is Munich-based onoo brand, offering products like Teflon-coated Loden jackets that merge style and functionality. The promising top 50 newcomers will enjoy an exhibit at the ISPO BRANDNEW Village in hall A1 allowing them to present their company and products at ISPO MUNICH and thus to the entire sports business network.

This year marks the 27th time ISPO searched for the most exciting sports industry start-ups. 431 new brands in business for four years or less entered the competition for 2015. The independent jury consisting of former winners evaluated all submissions and selected and Overall Winner, seven winners in the categories Accessories, Hardware Summer, Hardware Winter, Style, Wheeler, Sportswear, Digital, as well as 41 additional finalists. They also presented the associated Social Awareness Award.

Tobias Gröber, Executive Director Business Unit Consumer Goods Exhibitions at Messe München GmbH: “The high number of entries to the 2015 competition clearly demonstrates the sports industry’s unbroken innovation potential. As for the many winners in the past ISPO BRANDNEW assists the latest winners with a successful market entry. We are looking forward to find out which brands will become fully established on the market in the coming years.”

From February 5 to February 8, 2015 visitors to ISPO MUNICH 2015 will be able to view the Overall Winner, winners and finalists at the ISPO BRANDNEW Village in hall A1.

Overall Award: Onoo, Germany, 2014
Stylish and functional jackets for active urban people
The jackets produced by the young Munich-based company Onoo combine natural and technical materials in unique designs and styles that offer maximum freedom of movement for active urban people. With the aim of offering the customer a very special product, Onoo uses only the best materials that provide the characteristic looks, functionality and also the special touch of the jackets. The result is technical urban clothing that looks modern and relaxed, at the same time it's breathable and protects against wind and weather. The "Sendling" jacket, as an example, is made from fine felted wool coated with Teflon.

Accessoires Award: HEXO+, France, 2014
The drones innovation for exceptional footage
The innovative HEXO+ drone is an autonomous flying system for exceptional aerial footage that will radically change the way action sports are filmed. Connected with the GPS function of a smart phone, the drone follows the skier or snowboarder, allowing aerial filming in the most remote places. Co-founder of the company is the French pro snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue. His first breathtaking sequences of some of his own freeride lines filmed with the drone eliminate all doubts about the benefits of this product. It comes as no surprise that the start-up that had initially asked for 50,000 US$ on quickly raised starting capital exceeding 1.3 million.

Hardware Summer Award: Tentsile, England, 2010
The tree house tent for outdoor enthusiasts
Tentsile Tree Tents are tree houses outdoorers can take with them anywhere. Depending on the condition of the terrain, the tree tents can be pitched on the ground like traditional tents or without ground contact between trees like a hammock. The user will be comfortable and safe, no matter whether the ground is flooded or rough, or whether there are bugs or other animals around. The spacious Tentsile Stingray is a three-person tent with floor hatch and front door access, a removable flysheet, and a full insect mesh roof for maximum ventilation.

Hardware Winter Award: Ice Rock, Russia, 2013
The lightest ice axe of its class
With the IDOL, Ice Rock developed an extremely lightweight ice axe made from carbon fiber for ski tourers, freeriders, climbers, and other outdoor athletes. The company is based in Kirov in Northern Russia, a town that hosts a stage of the World Ice Climbing Cup. Due to their long experience in working with carbon fiber, Ice Rock managed to develop a shaft with variable wall thickness. It's extremely robust, prevents vibration, and avoids heat loss of the user’s hand. The tapered shape protects the axe from excessive overload and damage. The rear part of the pick is made of steel, the spike of light aluminum alloy, and the tip of titanium. With a total weight of 188g, it's the lightest ice axe of its class.

Style Award: Kraft & Ulrich, Germany, 2013
Stylish storage for sports equipment
Is there a stylish way to store bikes, surfboards, skateboards, or snowboards at home in your apartment? Yes there is: With "Harper", a crowdfunding project initiated by the Hamburg-based brand Kraft & Ulrich. The flexible wall mount system can also be used as a space-saving shelf or wardrobe. Harper consists of a plywood base with timeless and fashionable oak finish. In addition to simple sticks that go right into the base plate, there are various hooks, metal shelves, wooden boxes as well as a fabric loop that allow you to store sports equipment and accessories in a simple, stylish, and space-saving way. The high-quality system is made in Germany, infinitely modular and a must-have for both athletes and design lovers.

Wheeler Award: Zehus, Italy, 2013
The innovative Pedelec kit
With Bike+, Italian brand Zehus offers a kit that converts regular bikes into Pedelecs. During strenuous passages, Bike+ is automatically activated to support the cyclist. The system needs no recharging from grid since the energy is recovered during cycling and fed directly into the Bike+ power pack. Motor, batteries and sensors are all integrated in the lightweight hub that is mounted on the rear wheel. There are no additional parts or cables. The system is customized and controlled via Bluetooth and a smart phone app. Bike+ fits all bikes with tires from 20 to 29 inches.

Sportswear Award: Wearable Life Science, Germany, 2014
Sportswear with integrated muscle stimulation
With the Antelope fitness line, Wearable Life Science offers a revolutionary and mobile sports outfit with integrated electrodes, sensors, and control unit that provides the maximum possible flexibility during a workout. Based on EMS (electro muscle stimulation), the clothing gives additional muscle stimulus during sports, which results in increased training efficiency and may lead to improved posture and general fitness. With products for running and biking, Wearable Life Science is the first brand to open doors for complementary integration of EMS technology into any athletic activity in the outdoors. The clothing promises faster progress in a shorter period of time for a reasonable price.

Digital Award: Bragi, Germany, 2013
The in-ear fitness tracker
The Dash are the world's first cordless in-ear stereo headphones with smart functions. Thanks to its biosensors, The Dash is also a fitness tracker. Without an additional device it tracks pace, steps, cadence, heart rate, calories, and oxygen saturation. During the workout, the user receives real-time acoustic feedback. And there's certainly sound, too! The Dash plays music from an external mp3 player through a Bluetooth connection or use the integrated 4 GB music player. The audio quality is impressive and there's an active noise isolation function.

Social Awareness Award: Headição, Germany/Brazil, 2013
Sportive support for underprivileged kids in Brazil
The charity project Headição - Balls 4 Brazil was initiated by Headis inventor René Wegner and his team. Headis is similar to table tennis, but played with the head and with a special ball. The goal was to offer sports activities to underprivileged children and teenagers who usually do not have access to sports or creative activities. In May 2014, the team visited orphanages and other social institutions, built Headis tables from water barrels and wood, handed out gear, and organized workshops. The initiators wanted to show that a lot of good could be done without spending millions of cash. The current goal is to sustainably establish the project in Brazil and reach out to other countries as well.

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