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Textile Trends For Fall/Winter 2016/17

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What are the stimuli, themes and colors that will influence the textile innovations for fall/winter 2016/2017? In cooperation with trend experts ISPO has been observing global developments, and thus provides designers and product developers with an advance preview of the resulting textile trends. In 2016/17 the challenges include offering genuine innovations, raising the subject of sustainability to new levels and ensuring improved function at the same time. Anyone interested in finding out details on the latest textile trends, please contact

ISPO is well known as a network revolving around innovation. Year-round trend observation and identification is one of the special services provided to the sports business. In the textile segment ISPO analyzes the variety of influences and generates an advance overview of the textile trends on the sportswear market for fall/winter 2017/18.

Furthermore, the textile trends act as a guideline for companies wishing to participate in the ISPO Textrends Forum 2015 at ISPO MUNICH. The informative platform for innovative fabrics and components experienced a 63-percent increase in visitors in 2014, and will once again present new products from the sportswear manufacturing sector at next year’s event.

International trend expert Louisa Smith explains how textile trends come to life: “We focus our observations on social trends, influences from the arts, digital media, film, music and sports. In addition, we analyze consumer demands and present the latest developments by the fiber and chemical industry. The combination of all imprints its mark on the future textile market.”

The resulting textile trends encompass three megatrends, pre-determined trend colors and five detailed textile trends.

Overview of the Textile Trends for Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Megatrends – Zeitgeist, Progression, Tecvolution

Three megatrends impact the textile selection in the sports market in fall/winter 2016/17:

Zeitgeist encourages the tapping of all opportunities presented by our time period and infusing the active wear market with new inspiring products. Progression focuses on strengthening the subject of sustainability by making it even more comprehensive and consistent. Tecvolution strives to turn futuristic concepts into everyday products and allow the public to benefit from their advantages.

Color Palette Fall/Winter 2016/17

In terms of colors the textile trends draw from the Pantone chart Active Instinct. Four additional complementing color charts accompany the trends for 2016/17.

Textile Trends

Activation, Duality, Hardcore, Dexterity, Circuit

Five detailed textile trends reflect a variety of influences ranging from consumer behavior to the state of the global economy.

Trend 1 – Activation. This trend describes the latest functional factors that improve performance and wellness.

Trend 2 – Duality. Increasing acceptance of responsible production processes results in a combination of eco-friendly processes with sustainable production.

Trend 3 – Hardcore. This trend relies on innovative fiber and textile composition resulting in a strong appearance and maximum function, as a result of the increasing demand for protective features in active wear.

Trend 4 – Dexterity. The optical stimulation of consumers with the help of colors or prints is extremely important for the continuing development of the market. The senses are excited without compromising function or protective characteristics of the fibers, fabrics or surfaces.

Trend 5 – Circuit. Intelligent technology has become indispensable in the life of consumers; therefore it is time to take advantage of this hyper-connective atmosphere when considering the latest generation of textiles.

Companies wishing to present their products at the ISPO Textrends Forum may register at beginning in late May. The registration deadline is September 5th, 2014. An international jury of experts will evaluate all entries.

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