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ISPO Selects The Best Sports Business Start-Ups for 2014

International Jury Evaluates 264 Entries

  • One Overall Winner, Eight Winners, 36 Finalists

For more than 13 years ISPO BRANDNEW has been the world’s largest platform for newcomer sports business entrepreneurs. For the 2014 edition the jury examined 264 entries from 31 countries, and selected the folding Oru Kayak as the ISPO BRANDNEW Overall Winner. Eight additional winners and 36 finalists will be presented to the trade show visitors at ISPO MUNICH 2014 from January 26 to 29. At the ISPO BRANDNEW Village the winners will be able to gain essential contacts for a successful start in the industry.

Every year, ISPO identifies the best newcomers in the sports business with the ISPO BRANDNEW award. The international jury of experts, consisting of former winners, evaluated entries in the Hardware Summer, Hardware Winter, Sportswear, Fitness, Style, Accessories, Digital and Social Awareness. The product which most impressed them in all points was selected as the Overall Winner.

Overall Winner - Oru Kayak, USA, 2012
The Oru Kayak is a sporty folding kayak with a length of 3.66 meters, easily assembled in as little as five minutes. Origami technology resulted in an extremely solid structure, despite the use of a seamless, very light, double plastic liner. The thin material is translucent, making it easy to illuminate with on-board lights. Thanks to its folding technology the kayak collapses onto itself and acts as its own practical carry bag with a low weight of 11.8 kilograms.
The newcomer was financed via crowd funding on and reached its goal of $80,000 within only five hours.

Accessories - PubPedals, Canada, 2013
Onwers of bicycles with eggbeaters, extremely compact click pedals for mountain bikes, know the problem: how can you quickly go shopping or ride to the pub without having to wear bike shoes? The solution is called PubPedals. These attachments let you use any type of shoe to push the pedals, no matter whether flip-flops or business shoes. The pedal attachments fit on old and new eggbeater versions and are easy to attach and detach. They are mounted with the original spring and offer a two-sided pedal surface. PubPedals are available in a variety of colors.

Hardware Summer - Bikeparkitect, Czech Republic, 2011
Bikers on a pump track move by “pumping”, meaning the up and down motion of the body. The Bikeparkitect Company expanded the basic concept and presents the first modular pump track. It is sustainable, produced from wood, can be individually assembled and stored in a small space. Towns or organizations can purchase the pump track at an affordable price and use it for a long time. The track is suitable for all types of bicycles, skateboards, as well as scooters, and offers a social get-together for everyone.

Hardware Winter - Fimbulvetr, Norway, 2013
With the goal to create a robust, ergonomic, yet lightweight snowshoe, Fimbulvetr developed a thermoplastic elastomer unibody with characteristic honeycomb construction. It offers both maximum lift and support, without snow accumulation on the top. The material derived from automotive construction is extremely robust yet lightweight. The snowshoe feels like a natural extension of the foot and requires less effort even at higher speeds. The all-direction joint and the innovative, narrow B4 bindings are patented. Each snowshoe is assembled from only twelve components and completely recyclable.

Fitness - Hyperice, France, 2011
Hyperice supports optimum regeneration of joints with the help of cold compresses. The compression bandages for knees, shoulders and other joints consist of a special neoprene compress and integrated latex ice bag.
A patented ventilation valve exhausts heat and gasses that develop between the bandage and the body. Thanks to long-lasting cooling Hyperice supports faster regeneration.
Many professional skiers and snowboarders, surfers, rugby and tennis players as well as NBA, NFL and MBA athletes already benefit from this patented product.

Style - Yunikue Hamburg, Germany, 2011
The Fitted Bag by Yunikue Hamburg combines a classic leather briefcase with a backpack for daily use. The hand-tailored Fitted Bag made of organic leather offers clearly structured interior pockets for laptop and other everyday accessories. Hidden on the inside is a modern, innovative security system. An integrated Bluetooth transmitter sends an alarm to the smartphone user if the bag is left behind, and helps locate the missing Fitted Bag via navigation on the phone’s display. The German Yunikue Hamburg Company combines high-quality construction with sustainable design.

Sportswear - Shark Attack Mitigation System, Australia, 2012
The Shark Attack Mitigation System is a patented technology for watersports apparel, reducing the risk of shark attacks. SAMS was developed in cooperation with the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute, and is based on scientific findings on sharks’ visual perception in certain light and water conditions. The neoprene materials and wetsuits were developed with a variety of special color patterns and shapes, which either confuse the shark’s visual perception or turn the wearer almost invisible.

Digital - Uepaa!, Switzerland, 2011
The high number of accidents in the Swiss Alps, mostly in areas without cellphone service, was the motivation for the development of the Uepaa! Rescue App. It integrated an alarm and tracking service into the smartphone making it possible for mountaineering enthusiasts to call for help anywhere – even without cellphone signal. The app is made possible by a peer2peer2peer communication network developed by ETH Zürich. The app includes real-time tracking of the user’s route, Buddy Aid accident notification, automatic accident recognition (even if the user is unable to trigger the alarm), and continuous contact to local and air rescue teams.

Social Awareness - Kipepeo, Germany, 2010
Kipepeo is a not-for-profit company supporting the school system in Tanzania by selling T-shirts designed by elementary school kids in the East African nation.
All Kipepeo shirts are 100 percent Fair Trade, made of ethical, organic, combed bio-cotton from East Africa. The t-shirts are printed by volunteers in Germany. The proceeds finance school fees, meals and medical services, and help build and maintain new and existing school buildings in Tanzania. Each shirt features a hangtag with the picture of the “designer” and brief project details.

The winners will enjoy an exhibit booth at the ISPO BRANDNEW Village (hall C2, booth 400) at ISPO MUNICH 2014. The Village is a popular showplace for the best newcomers in the sports industry. Former winners like Maloja, Naish Kites, POC or Nixon took advantage of this opportunity and expanded their sports business network to successfully establish their companies on the market. The winners will be officially presented at the ISPO BRANDNEW Award Ceremony, on Sunday, January 26, 2014, beginning at 4 pm in hall A6 at the Snow, Ice & Rock Summit – presented by Marmot.

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