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ISPO launches spring/summer ISPO TEXTRENDS event

  • Registration now open
  • Textile trends for spring/summer 2018

ISPO TEXTRENDS is the platform for textile innovations and components. At ISPO MUNICH 2016, the forum for fabrics and fibers for fall and winter trends proved to be a popular meeting point for product developers and designers. This summer, ISPO will be filling a gap by introducing a forum for spring and summer trends for 2018 collections, including the brand-new “Beachwear ” category. Companies looking to sign their products up for ISPO TEXTRENDS SUMMER 2016 can register for free now at: The closing date for registrations is April 30, 2016. An international expert judging panel will then assess all of the submissions, and the materials they choose will be showcased at ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 between July 6–8, 2016, and elsewhere.

The ISPO TEXTRENDS platform, which was launched in 2013, is now introducing a special summer event to complement its well-established fall/winter counterpart.

ISPO joined forces with trend expert Louisa Smith to look into a wide range of global trends that will also have an impact on the textile industry and its products. In combination with the color trends that have been identified and five fabric innovations that are examined in detail, the megatrends offer a fascinating insight into the latest developments set to hit the textile sector. Looking ahead to spring/summer 2018 in this way will define the main focal points of ISPO TEXTRENDS SUMMER 2016, which will be exhibited as part of ISPO SHANGHAI 2016. Held for the first time last year, ISPO SHANGHAI is one of a series of sports business platforms from Messe München that, alongside ISPO BEIJING, covers multiple sectors within the primary growth market that is China.

Textile megatrends for spring/summer 2018

New horizons, exuberance, purity
The following three megatrends will have an impact on the textiles of spring/summer 2018, crossing over into the sports market:

New horizons
There are endless possibilities for development–resulting in part from new target markets. Technology is bringing about change within the industry, leaving room for revived classics and fresh innovations alike. This trend is all about looking closely at existing products and reinterpreting what makes them attractive. Even the things we think we know will surprise us.

A feeling of well-being and optimism flows through everything. The modern world is one of chaos, defined by bad news from around the globe and the hustle and bustle of our hyperconnected society. Consumers are demanding added value, but they also want a sense of joie de vivre. Comfort is the main factor influencing sportswear, as can be seen by the multi-functional materials, which feature prints in bright and cheerful colors and enticing, luxurious surfaces and textures.

In its quest for a more sustainable consumer approach and ethos, our society is focusing on honesty, transparency, and honor. The trust manufacturers place in the raw materials used by brands is passed on to consumers. New, sustainable fibers and manufacturing processes that save energy and water are being introduced into the traditional textile recovery chain. Authentic products are being produced from natural fibers and nanotechnology while synthetic fibers are close behind with renewed processes and more sustainable solutions.

For more information on all of the trends, including the color schemes and five textile trends, download our brochure here.

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