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Textile Trends for Fall/Winter 2017/18

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What influences, themes and colors will have an impact on the textile innovations for Fall/Winter 2017/2018? In cooperation with trend experts ISPO observes global developments and provides designers and product developers with an advance overview. Consumers’ complete trust in the “sustainable” designation will become an important topic. In addition, the wish for more quality of life and fun will also have an impact on future products. Natural fibers combined with synthetic fibers and new finishing techniques are among the innovations. For more information on the textile trends please contact

ISPO is well known as a network for innovations. In the textile segment it offers an informative platform for innovative fabrics and components, ISPO TEXTRENDS. In 2015 the forum experienced a 65 percent increase in visitor numbers. Acting as a guideline for interested companies, ISPO and its trend experts observe a variety of factors, everything from consumer behavior to the state of the global economy. The influence of movies, music, social media as well as art on industry and retail and its products is also part of the observations. The results are reflected in the textile trends. They encompass three mega trends, the new trend colors as well as five detailed textile trends. ISPO thus provides an exciting first look at the sportswear market for Fall/Winter 2017/2018.

Overview of the Textile Trends for Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Megatrends—Blind Faith, Reason to Rejoice, Neoteric
Three mega trends will have an impact on the textile market, as well as the sports business, in Fall/Winter 2017/2018:

Blind Faith is based on the continuing sustainability trend. Consumers want to be assured that they can trust in the sustainability of a purchased product; that said product is eco-friendly and made with resource-saving materials.

Fun is the focus of A Reason to Rejoice. The market is influenced by the wellness and health segment, and the trend combines this with haptic, colors, fit, wear comfort and looks.

The third trend, Neoteric, shows that it is possible to revisit the past to reinvent the future. It revolves around the rediscovery of natural fibers and finishes, and their further advancement with the help of modern synthetic fibers and finishing methods.

Color Palette Fall/Winter 2017/18
The palette of the most popular colors is becoming considerably lighter. Color nuances are more homogeneous, with increased sharpness and intensity. The contrast to a variety of gray tones, including black and white, further strengthens the color impact.

Textile Trends:

Contact, Probe, Schismatic, Transcendental, Defense
Five textile trends reflect a variety of influences from consumer behavior to the state of the global economy.

Trend 1—Contact. This trend focuses on the improvement of physical performance with the help of clothing. The primary topics include body heat and exercise, as well as protection against weather conditions.

Trend 2—Probe. Probe discusses the interpretation of old traditions turning them into new concepts. The focus is on the new. How can the existing be improved by using state-of-the-art technologies?

Trend 3—Schismatic. This trend moves away from tradition and perfectionism towards the unusual and unique. The goal is to develop apparel for a variety of uses, complementing the taste of the next generation and reflecting a completely new style.

Trend 4—Transcendental. New fibers for extremely lightweight products that also offer a high degree of performance. They will feature completely new levels of light refraction and luminosity in the coming season.

Trend 5—Defense. Robust fabrics and components increase the usable life of sportswear products thanks to their durable features.

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