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More on the ISPO NETWORK

Would you like to learn more about the ISPO network and the ISPO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS? Here is a brief overview of our services:

The crowdsourcing platform ISPO OPEN INNOVATION connects companies with consumers who can contribute their ideas for product developments or test products. Take a look at case studies of completed projects and find more valuable information.

On the ISPO TEXTRENDS platform, designers, product managers, and press can discover the latest fabrics, insulating materials, styles, and accessories for sports and outdoor clothing. This is where genuine textile innovations are presented. Find out more about the latest trends for the coming season and learn about what the future in textiles will bring.

Every year, exceptional new products from within the sporting goods industry are honored with the ISPO AWARD. The ISPO AWARD is a seal of quality in the sporting goods industry and helps consumers to make purchasing decisions. Take a look at an overview of the best sports products.

ISPO has been looking for and naming promising newcomers to the sports industry since 2000. ISPO BRANDNEW is not only a springboard for sports start-ups, it's also a preview of upcoming trends and innovations. This is an overview of all ISPO BRANDNEW awardees.

Learn more about the ISPO network and other services such as the ISPO JOB MARKET or the training platform ISPO ACADEMY.